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XLR8 Speed Products

Product endorsements often come from players. But when a coach makes the decision to favor a product and introduce it in the training of his or her team, that is truly significant and a major testament to that product. Listed here are just a few of the schools whose baseball and softball coaches have chosen XLR8 products to improve his or her team. Coaches like Hall of Famer Sue Enquist, USA National Softball and University of Arizona head coach Mike Candrea, and Professional Hitting Instructors Rick Down and Don Slaught are just a few of the coaches that put their reputation and team records on the line when they chose XLR8 Speed Products. XLR8 Your Game!

"I don't know -- nor have I any intention of ever finding out." - Joe McCarthy, when asked if Joe Dimaggio could bunt

  • XLR8 Speed Training Balls
    $9.99 XLR8 Speed Balls
    Can't hit the curve ball? Change-ups have you swinging and missing? This is the #1 small training ball in Baseball and Softball! XLR8 Your Game with XLR8 Speed Balls! The Patent Pending XLR8 Speed Balls were designed with...
  • XLR8 Speed Tape
    $8.99 XLR8 Speed Tape
    Are you looking for more Bat Speed? Wrap your bat handle with the newest, most innovative material on planet Earth... XLR8 Speed Tape. BAM! Instant Bat Speed! Think we’re kidding? This product was developed in...
  • XLR8 Speed Batting Gloves
    $24.95 $19.95 XLR8 Speed Gloves
    The all new XLR8 Speed Glove is the finest, most performance enhancing batting glove ever built. More flexibility means greater bat speed, and the XLR8 Speed Gloves flex like nobody's business! Excess material, bunching...
  • XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System
    $64.95 $54.95 XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System
    Develop Power Accuracy & Timing in your swing with this advanced and Professionally Endorsed baseball and softball training system. The XLR8 Hitting System includes: (18) XLR8 Speed Balls (9 Fastball + 9...
  • XLR8 Baseball Speed Watch
    $29.95 $4.95 XLR8 Baseball Speed Watch
    Why spend hundreds of dollars on a radar gun? The XLR8 Speed Watch is an easy to use alternative that calculates the speed of any object or person by instantly converting time & distance into a MPH reading at a fraction...