XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System

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Develop Power Accuracy & Timing in your swing with this advanced and Professionally Endorsed baseball and softball training system.

The XLR8 Hitting System includes:

  • (18) XLR8 Speed Balls (9 Fastball + 9 Off-Speed)
  • (1) XLR8 Speed Bat
  • (1) Hitting System 53min Training DVD

The 53 Minute DVD is packed with batting drills to improve your Power Accuracy and Timing: All 3 Components in Hitting with one Hitting System! The video also features several personal instruction segments from MLB Hitting Instructor Rick Down:

  • Learn the Secret of the "MINI-V" to increase Bat Speed and Power.
  • Learn a step by step approach to building a Powerful Swing.
  • Learn the Pro Trick to timing with the front foot. When do you set your heel down?

The XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System is unlike any other training aid in the sport of Baseball and Softball. Being a great hitter is a result of mastering all three components to hitting; Power, Accuracy and Timing. The XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System focuses on these three components and enhances them in every player. Repeated use will not only result in a tremendous increase in a player's bat speed (POWER), it also improves ACCURACY. Lastly, this system is the only product on the market to develop the most important component of hitting... TIMING!

Don't believe us on the importance of Bat Speed? Just a 1 mph increase in bat speed can send the baseball 7' farther!

The patented construction of the XLR8 Speed Bat embeds the proper muscle memory for a powerful, effective, repeatable baseball swing. The type of swing that most players only dream about can be developed in a matter of weeks! The system includes a series of static, non-hitting drills designed to develop the proper muscle memory involved in a solid baseball swing. The Speed Bat's patented handle design trains the proper grip. Specific drills teach a short, powerful, efficient stroke.

In developing the timing and accuracy components, the player will hit pitched balls... XLR8 Speed Balls! The advantage? Timing for one: They fly at different speeds! Accuracy for Two: Smaller sized ball, smaller hitting area. But, perhaps the best benefit of the XLR8 Speed Balls is the development of Pitch Count Recognition. Think about it.. there are 12 pitch counts. 5 of those are fastball counts, the others are neutral or off-speed. Learn these and you will Be A Better Hitter! Pretty simple! Repeated use of the XLR8 Speed Bat Hitting System results in fast-twitch muscle fibers being recruited by the body and incorporated into the swing. The result is increased bat speed. Increased bat speed not only increases POWER, it allows a player to wait on a pitch longer before initiating a swing. The result is higher quality at bats and a higher batting average. The DVD is packed with drills that help develop bat speed. In addition, hitting the XLR8 Speed Balls (a smaller ball) with the small percussion barrel of the XLR8 Speed Bat naturally develops the hitter's visual system. The size of the patented XLR8 Speed Bat develops the proper spatial relationship between the top hand and the impact area (17-21 inches) resulting in very important neurological memory training for consistent, solid, repeatable contact. These combined aspects of the XLR8 Training System develop the second component of hitting; ACCURACY. Finally, by incorporating the XLR8 Speed Balls the player develops the third and most important component in hitting; TIMING!

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