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Brett Wood Bats

  • Brett Wulf Bat
    $79.00 Brett Wulf Bat
    The WULF Bat comes in both a 110 and 243 mode. The bat features a durable Bamboo core that runs through the length of the bat and is surrounded by a very hard birch. The bat comes in a natural color. (-3 drop)
  • Brett Warm-Up Bat
    $59.00 Brett Warm-Up Bat
    The warm-up bat is a great substitution for the bat weight. This bat is 34" in length and weighs 36oz and is an effective tool to use in the on-deck circle or for batting practice
  • The Gobon #5
    $99.00 The Gobon #5
    The GOBON#5 bat is the best engineered wood bat in the world. It's Precision balanced with each bat being cupped and all bats feature the worldwide patent pending "Bamboo Super Core Technology," that is surrounded by Maple...
  • Youth Bamboo Dragon
    $59.00 Youth Bamboo Dragon
    Brett Brothers Youth Bamboo Dragon bat is constructed entirely of bamboo laminates. The patented "Boa" reinforcement is applied to the handle, and it is BESR certified. This bat is available in 28",29" and 30".
  • Brett 'Stealth Youth'
    $49.00 Brett 'Stealth Youth'
    Youth Model (Wood) This Little League approved bat is constructed with the same materials and with the same process as the Stealth Game Bat. The barrel is 2 1/4" and the handle is 15/16". The bat is available in 28" and 30"...
  • Brett 'Stealth' ST271
    $59.00 Brett 'Stealth' ST271
    Stealth Model The stealth bats are constructed of laminates from hand selected and graded native hardwoods. The patented "Boa" reinforcement on the handle significantly reduces breakage. The choice of wood for the barrel has...
  • Brett 'Maple Master' (solid maple)
    $69.00 Brett 'Maple Master' (solid maple)
    Brett Solid Maple "Master" Model. MLB Approved!! This is a one-piece bat made from select maple. The patented "BOA" grip is applied to the 18" mark. Available in 33" and 34" sizes and only with the brown barrel and natural...
  • Brett MLB Professional Model
    $79.00 Brett MLB Professional Model
    The Brett MLB Bat is a solid one-piece of hard maple, sanctioned for play at all levels by MLB. It comes in both a 110 and 271 model. The 110 model cuts into the handle unlike the 271 that tappers into the handle. Available...
  • Brett Maple/Bamboo
    $69.00 Brett Maple/Bamboo
    The all new MB-110 combines the Bamboo core of the old Genuine Dragon and the Maple Laminates of the old Genuine Maple with a New Improved model complete with the patented "Boa" Reinforcement on the handle to enhance...
  • Brett Flat Bat Youth
    $49.00 Brett Flat Bat Youth
    The Flat Bat is an "Instant feedback" learning tool that is not as forgiving as a regular bat. The angle of the ball off the bat gives the player all the information that is necessary to make an adjustment in his swing. The...