XLR8 Baseball Speed Watch

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Why spend hundreds of dollars on a radar gun? The XLR8 Speed Watch is an easy to use alternative that calculates the speed of any object or person by instantly converting time & distance into a MPH reading at a fraction of the cost! Great for any sport: Baseball/Softball, Nascar/Auto Racing, Track & Field and Football/Soccer to name a few. Unlike radar that requires you to be in close proximity to the target object, you can track speed from anywhere; the stands, the dugout... including your living room!

This powerful tool is a must for coaches, parents, players and fans who like to monitor an athlete's performance and progress. The XLR8 Speed Watch is designed as an all-in-one tool to record speeds, track the number of events ( such as pitches), and store them in memory. To measure any speed, simply enter the distance in feet and inches on the front keypad and you are ready to go. Use the split feature when measuring the speed of a pitch and to get a second reading of the time it takes the catcher to throw to 2nd ("pop time"), or for the runner to hit 1st base.

Features Include:

  • Speed readout mode automatically calculates MPH
  • Full functioning chronograph with split times
  • Memory capacity
  • Time/Date display for convenient reference
  • Digital Pitch counter
  • Rugged, water and shock resistant high impact plastic construction.
  • Long life lithium batteries (replaceable)
  • Lanyard and Clip on Belt Holster
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