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Are you looking for more Bat Speed? Wrap your bat handle with the newest, most innovative material on planet Earth... XLR8 Speed Tape. BAM! Instant Bat Speed!

Think we’re kidding? This product was developed in conjunction with one of the most creative, innovative companies in the world, the 3M Corporation. Yes, the same 3M Corporation that makes Scotch Tape, Post-its and other cool stuff. We went to an industry leader to help design and develop the greatest gripping material known to man: Greptile™!

This stuff is so amazing that collegiate studies have proven a minimum of 2.1% faster bat speed simply from wrapping your bat with it. How? It's really pretty simple; the grip is made of millions of tiny little fingers that feel like a small cushion under your hand. They are gripping fingers and they allow you to hold the bat with a much lighter grip to attain the same level of grip on the bat. The age old baseball hitting advice applies, "Loose muscles are fast muscles". It is bare bones basic stuff and you have to try it to believe it.

We have been wrapping ALL of our bats for the past five years with this tape and every person who has put their hands on it wants to know where to get it. Once you have used it, you won't want another bat wrap on your bats. It works and it is 100% legal! It's a revolutionary product and costs almost nothing. It will make your oldest bats feel like new again.

Thin Bat Wrap

The Speed Wrap is thin enough to wrap over an existing grip if you like a thicker feel. If thin is your thing then apply directly to the bat and go! Try it; tell us what you think, and XLR8 Your Game!

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