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The Power Bag Package from Muhl Tech is a training station that will help you create power! It comes with 2 power bags, one on each side. This station has wheels on one end and handles on the other to make it easy to roll on and off the field. This multi-station training center allows multiple players to train at the same time.

The Power Bag will help hitters learn to drive through the contact point. Over time, hitters will get to where they use their "bottom half" as a power source as they try to drive the bag with the bat as high as they can. The better a hitter's mechanics, the more they tend to move the bag.

You can select from junior, medium, or large Power Bags:

Power Bag Sizing:

We have received input from many coaches over years and can help you make the best decision possible based on what your needs are. The guidelines below are what we recommend.

Junior Power Bag - 5 lbs. (7" diameter & 24" long) - For most all players 13 and under. (120 lbs. and below) This bag is somewhat closer to hitting a deflated basketball though heavier. As a coach it depends on what you are after. This bag does not hang as far from the top arm as the other two making it easier to hit around. Most 9 year old boys will get it around once with practice, 12 year old boys 2-4 times, average 14 year old 5-8 times. This bag is perfect for teaching the younger kids why good mechanics lead to more power.

Medium Power Bag - 7.5 lbs. (7" diameter & 24" long) - For smaller boys 14 and over, all high school and college girls. (players 110-200 lbs.) We have had several HS fastpitch coaches inform us that by the end of their first year using this bag, 4-6 of their girls were hitting this bag all the way around. Zero were at the beginning of the year.

Large Power Bag - 9.5 lbs. (10" diameter & 24" long) - For large boys 15 and over, High school baseball, college baseball and pros. (players over 180 lbs.) A college player should be able to hit this bag all the way around. We have had a few HS baseball coaches say they prefer the medium bag since it is easier to hit through. We feel this bag is best for most HS programs. The more you use it, the stronger the kids get and the easier it becomes as the season goes along.

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