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ZingBat SoftToss Training Bat

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Use the training bat that actually teaches proper "Swing Mechanics."

The ZingBat teaches the batter correct:

  • Hip Thrust
  • Knob-end Lead
  • Hands Inside
  • Swing Plane
  • Point of Impact
  • Full Extension

The natural tendency is for youngsters to use their shoulders and arms rather than their entire body. I watched, for over four years, dedicated coaches trying to teach my son the proper mechanics of batting: "rotate your hips, keep your hands inside, throw the bat to the ball, hands inside, etc." I felt that there must be a way to give the young player a feel that he could use as a guide to achieve the proper bat swing mechanics. That is when I began thinking of a training bat that could teach the young player the feel of the bat when he or she is swinging properly. This feel could be translated through muscle memory to their batting mechanics. The ZingBat is a result of talking with baseball coaches and young players and applying their responses to design the ZingBat. The ZingBat provides an immediate feel of the right way to swing a baseball bat.

Most parents don't have the knowledge to teach their child proper hitting skills. I didn't, but now the "ZingBat " teaches the youth player how to lead with his body, push through with the "knob" of the bat, snap the bat to the ball, keep the batter's hands inside, and develop the proper swing plane.

There are two parts to the ZingBat training system. First is the "how should it feel" repetitions. Then the "see and hear" follow up drills. In other words, the youth player can experience how it's supposed to feel and then sees and hears the results of doing it right. The first drill sets up the proper arm and body movements. Then the youth batter uses muscle memory to repeat the learned swing mechanics. Three or four "ZingBat " drills per week and your child can dramatically improve their hitting skills! My son did!

ZingBat SoftToss Bat Sizes

Model # Length Weight
ZB27ST 27" 23oz
ZB30ST 30" 26oz
ZB30ST23 30" 23oz
ZB33ST 33" 33oz
ZB33ST23 33" 23oz
ZB33ST26 33" 26oz
ZB33ST30 33" 30oz

ZingBat SoftToss Bat Size Recommendations

Beginners 27 oz.
Intermediate 30 oz.
Advanced 33 oz.
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