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The Ultimate Ball Toss Machine (UBTM) is a strong and durable soft toss machine that automatically tosses baseballs, softballs, or practice balls. This machine will toss a ball approximately every 6 seconds. A batter can get over one hundred swings in less than a half an hour. The UBTM is a great product for both kids and adults to use to get a lot of swing repetitions in daily. The UBTM has a consistent ball toss which enables batters to stay balanced and maintain a smooth consistent swing. Hitting with this machine will develop and improve hand-eye coordination, timing, and bat speed. The UBTM is lightweight and easily transportable for use at pre-game warm ups, team practices, or in your own backyard or garage for some extra practice hitting into a net.

This soft toss machine is easy to operate. Just load balls, position the machine in the direction you want the balls tossed, turn the switch on, and start hitting. The Ultimate Ball Toss Machine is truly a valuable aid in improving a player's batting performance.


  • Battery operated, requires no electricity.
  • Internal rechargeable battery, (charger included).
  • Operates up to 8 hours of continuous use.
  • Lightweight and portable (weighs under 14 lbs).
  • Newly designed base that reduces vibration/movement.
  • Tosses baseballs, 11" & 12" softballs, dimpled and softie balls, plastic & RIF balls.
  • Holds 14 baseballs & 10 softballs.
  • Tosses a ball approximately every 6 seconds.
  • Perfect hitting aid for youth, baseball/softball players, & for adult slow pitch softball.
  • For right and left handed batters.
  • Helps develop & improve timing, hand-eye coordination, & bat speed.
  • Practice hitting into a net or to the outfield.
  • Sets up in any 10' x 10' space (backyards, garages, etc.).
  • One year warranty.
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