SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station

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  • SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station
  • SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station
  • SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station
  • SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station
  • SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station
  • SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station
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The SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station has been used by all MLB teams and is endorsed by baseball hitting great Tony Gwynn! The SoloHitter develops muscle memory through repetition, improving bat speed and power. The ball automatically resets in seconds, no need to chase them any longer like traditional tees.

The PRO5000 SoloHitter folds in half for easy storage, and is a heavy duty version of the ultra-portable SLT3000 model. Now you can practice anytime, anywhere; indoors or out.

Includes: 3 Baseball or Softball Assemblies, Net Marking System, and a FREE Hitters instructional Workout DVD - a $25 value!

  • For players of all sizes and abilities
  • Ball resets in seconds automatically
  • Adjustable ball height in the strike zone
  • Size: 6' x 6' x 6'
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Frame: 18 gauge industrial grade galvanized steel
  • Includes: Weatherized Net, 4 cord ball system, Net Marker System 
  • Hinged folding system for easy storage
  • Assembly Time: 30 minutes

Can SoloHitter be left outside?

Yes, the PRO5000 is made of 18 gauge galvanized steel. All components are weatherproof, including the net. The baseball is a regulation high school approved leather ball. We suggest either disassembling the baseball after every use (or covering the ball with a plastic baggie & rubber band) for maximum life expectancy. With normal use, a batter can expect 8-10 thousand swings per baseball & softball assembly. The baseball and softball are easily interchangeable on one frame.

SoloHitter PRO5000 Hitting Station Testimonials:

Jim Beitia, softball coach, University of Oklahoma: "We really like our SoloHitter and hate to be without it."

Fred Claire, baseball executive: "With the salaries major league players are commanding today, SoloHitter is a great investment."

Nina Lindenberg, #9 Team USA Softball: "For the last ten years the SoloHitter has helped me improve my hand/eye coordination, build muscle tone and perfect my swing." 

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