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Pro Hitter's Workout with Kevin Long & Alex Rodriguez DVD

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In this sensational DVD from Championship Productions, New York Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long reveals techniques and strategies for becoming a successful hitter. Coach Long covers six keys to becoming a great hitter: 1.Grip - Find the best grip to stay loose and increase bat speed. 2.Stance - Stay flexible to maximize the power in the lower half of your body. 3.Plate coverage - Use your best swing regardless of pitch location. 4.Load - How to put yourself in a stronger hitting position for each swing. 5.Knee drive - Learn how to level your swing and generate power. 6.Hip torque - Increase your bat speed using your hips. Watch as Coach Long takes A-Rod through a batting workout to fine tune hitting mechanics with soft toss and tee drills using a short and regular bat. These drills focus on balance and staying tight to your core to get your bat through the hitting zone quicker. This is the workout that helped A-Rod to one of his best statistical seasons as a pro in 2007. Get help with your swing from one of the top hitting instructors in the world! 105 minutes.

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