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David Magadan, Boston Red Sox Hitting Coach, explains the role of strong hands, wrists and forearms for great hitting. Strong hands are the key to Baseball excellence and only the patented Prohands challenges each finger individually for Power, Speed & Endurance. Prohands are the most technically advanced hand exercisers on the planet and used by professional athletes worldwide. Our exclusive 21-minute DVD features valuable hitting tips from Coach Magadan along with some of his favorite exercises to increase hand strength when using Prohands. Learn why strong hands are the key to great hitting, fielding, and throwing. The patented Prohands is the only hand exerciser available today which enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually. And because each finger is operated by a completely separate system of muscles & tendons in the hand, wrist, & forearm, the only way to achieve optimum conditioning of the hand is with Prohands. Superior hitting, throwing, and fielding are well within reach when you have the advantage of advanced hand strength attainable with Prohands. This model is a "light resistance" version.
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