Power Trigger by Coach Rod Delmonico

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Coach Rod Delmonico's Power Trigger will help teach you the secrets of hitting that have helped so many college and MLB players worldwide! Learn and develop a naturally strong and balanced swing, proper hand position, weight distribution and optimal swing plane. The resistance tube attaches to the front hand and front foot. Slight tension promotes quiet hands and a balanced stance. As the legs and hands separate in the swing, the tube postures the body to a strong hitting position and then pulls your hands down through the strike zone for best ball contact. Power trigger can be used alone or as an instructional tool with a coach or parent. Work off a tee or in the cage for real-time training. Power Trigger is great for little leaguers or more advanced players looking for an edge. Power Trigger will build confidence and make you a better hitter! •Portable - travels easily •For Youth thru Professional level players •Soft Nylon fits any hand size •Tubing adjusts for and player height •Guaranteed for life •Can be used indoors or outdoors •Ideal training aid for players, coaches and parents

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