Palmgard Edge Power Weighted Batting Gloves

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Increase your power to hit harder and throw faster! Palmgard Edge Power™ weighted batting gloves are the only adjustable weighted training gloves on the market with proven results.

Edge Power™ Gloves were first developed to strengthen a third baseman's arm and increase the velocity of the throw; they worked! Shortly after that they were tried as a training device to increase bat speed. Again, they worked, and they continue to work over and over again.

Players at all levels of the game benefit from these training gloves and they are the only training device that increase strength while the wearer is doing nothing more than throwing or batting. It's that easy!

By wearing Edge Power™ Gloves on a regular basis, swinging the applied weight helps strengthen all the muscles used throughout the entire swinging motion. This is known as functional strengthening exercise.

  • Weights are adjustable in 2 ounce increments
  • Strengthens major and minor muscles
  • Increases bat speed
  • Increases throwing velocity and arm strength
  • Reduces chance of injury
  • Tackified leather palm
  • Training program, four 2 oz. and four 4 oz. weights included
  • NOT recommended for players under 13 years old

Palmgard glove size chart

Click on on the link below to display size chart. NOTE: Edge Power Gloves only come in ADULT sizes.

Important printing instructions: Print the document in full size. Do not select "fit to page" and page scaling should have "NONE" selected. Please measure the size guide box after printing to insure the guide is the correct size. The box should be 10 1/8" high by 3" wide.

Use your Index finger to determine the correct size. Please remember the size guide is just that, "a guide" to determine the correct size. Palmgard gloves are sized to match most other manufacturers and should be consistent with other brands. Finger length and hand width can affect sizing as well.

Palmgard Edge Power™ Glove size chart

Palmgard Glove Size Guide


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