The Muhl Stub One Hand Training Bat

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  • The Muhl Stub One Hand Training Bat
  • The Muhl Stub One Hand Training Bat
  • The Muhl Stub One Hand Training Bat
  • The Muhl Stub One Hand Training Bat
  • The Muhl Stub Training Bat


The Muhl Stub™ One Handed Training Bat is a combination bat that gives a hitter 2 tools in one. At 22” it's the perfect length for doing single arm hitting drills. Most of the 24oz. weight is close to the hands giving the batter optimal control.

Lead arm drills are great for strengthening the pull arm, which is typically a hitter’s weaker arm.

At game time simply attach the weight and you have a perfect on-deck bat at 52 ounces.

The short nature of the weighted Stub makes it great for strength training drills too.

The Muhl Stub is for batting drill-training purposes only and is not intended for any purpose other than specified.

How to use The Muhl Stub Bat:

  1. Assume regular batting stance. Use it to hit soft tosses or to hit from a batting tee. Begin by using the front arm only to hit 10-15 pitches. Place hand of free arm in other armpit to provide stability.
  2. Change arms, using only the back arm to hit 10-15 pitches as in step 1.
  3. Repeat, switching arms if time allows.
  4. At game time, attach weight by securing threaded weight to the barrel of The Muhl Stub by turning in a clockwise direction until it is snugly secured in order to prevent separation. It makes a great on-deck warm-up bat or use the Stub for wrist and forearm strengthening exercises.
  5. Remove the weight by turning weight in counter clockwise direction.

Stub Bat Testimonial:

Bob Nottebart, Head coach at Wharton County Junior College, says that: "We feel The Muhl is a great hitting tool. We use the Muhl EVERYDAY in practice. Whether using the Muhl for soft toss, short toss or regular BP, we've found a successful training bat that helps develop more consistent contact. I highly recommend the Muhl."

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