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  • Incline Batting Tee
  • Incline Batting Tee
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Want to hit home-runs? Practice with the Incline Tee and learn to swing with a slight upper-cut angle.

The Inclined Tee allows for a 20-35 degree launch angle. If your bat hits the tee, your launch angle is too extreme. INSTANT FEEDBACK! The closer you are to hitting the forward arm, the closer you are to optimum launch angle for a home-run swing. The tee is made out of tough polyurethane, a much stronger and more durable material than rubber. The incline tee also includes a two year warranty.

Incline Batting Tee Features:

  • Allows for a 20-35 degree launch angle
  • Comes in 4 lightweight pieces: base, bottom tube, forward arm, and outside barrier
  • Extremely portable, lightweight, and durable; can be easily put together and taken apart
  • Both the forward arm and outside barrier give immediate feedback
  • 2 year warranty
  • Tubing is molded from polyurethane

What is the purpose of the outside barrier?

The outside barrier eliminates "casting" in your swing so you can "keep the hands inside the ball". If the bat or arms are extended prematurely the bat head will slap the flexible upright barrier post. For years coaches have set a tee adjacent to a fence or screen to force hitters to compact their swing. The outside barrier does the same thing except it is a lot more effective. It rotates around the tee to accommodate left or right hand hitters and it moves along with the forward arm to help you keep the hands "tight" when you are working on inside and outside pitch locations. With the outside barrier you are forced to rotate the hips and torso and extend the hands only at the point of contact.

Why is there a brush top to hold the ball?

The unique brush cup ball holder presents the ball like it is being picked clean, right out of the air. Better yet, it will last many times longer than traditional ball holders.

Is the Incline Tee durable?

The tubing for the Incline Tee is molded from polyurethane. Polyurethane is a flexible material like rubber however polyurethane is much stronger and as much as 10 times more durable!. Wheels for roller blades, industrial rollers, and dimpled pitching machine balls are among the many items typically made with urethane. It's a great material for products that must withstand impact and stress yet remain flexible. Urethanes are expensive, and while the Incline Tee may cost more than a traditional rubber tee, it is guaranteed to last 10 times longer too. We back the Incline Tee with a two-year warranty.

Practical and Portable

This batting tee can be assembled or disassembled by hand for easy transportation.

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Warranty Information

Two Year Warranty
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