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Use the Bat that GROWS with you!

The GroBat™ is a small diameter training bat for baseball or softball and is designed to be used with “small balls”. Hitting a small ball with a thin bat is proven to improve hand eye coordination and confidence. (We recommend our foam ‘small balls’ instead of plastic wiffle balls)

The GroBat comes with a sweet spot pad, weight pack, 1" removable choke up collar and professional leather grip. When the ball hits the sweet spot pad, the hitter will hear a nice "pop" – indicating the batter crushed it! The weight pack is the key to having a bat that can grow with a player as the weight can change anywhere between 20oz to 31oz. The 1" choke up collar will shorten the bat or help a hitter if more bat control is needed.

Choosing the right size training bat

Below is a table of typical ages to recommended GroBat sizes:

Age Range

Suggested GroBat™ Size

10 – 12 years

GroBat 32*

12 – 15 years

GroBat 32 or 33*

15 years & Up

GroBat 33 or 34*

*The GroBat Jr and GroBat comes with a choke up collar allowing you to shorten the bat 1 inch. Unlike the BroBat 32", 33", 34", the weight of the GroBat Jr cannot be changed.

Hitmaster GroBat Benefits

  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Develop quick bat speed
  • Build confidence
  • The bat grows with the batter
  • Same bat may be used by multiple players of different ages and heights
  • Collars and weights create same length and weight as your game bat

GroBat Features

  • Pro Leather grip
  • Sweet Spot pad
  • Easy modification in length with 1" Choke Up Collar
  • Customize weight with 9oz. Weight Pack

These features allow the GroBat to be used as a light weight “hitting stick” to develop quick speed through the zone, or it can be overloaded to develop and stretch the large muscle groups. This type of practice should be between 20% and 30% of your practice regimen, with the remainder using your GroBat with the same weight and length as your game bat. This practice technique optimizes the most important aspects of your hitting game - batspeed, power, and hand-eye coordination!

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