Downright Filthy Pitching Book 3 - The Science of Pitch Sequencing

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Downright Filthy Pitching 3 - The Science of Pitch Sequencing - describes how to implement Effective Velocity into game situations. This is the first pitching book to apply science to the art of calling pitches.

The Downright Filthy Pitching Series is about learning how to use that information to the fullest degree to maximize all of the ingredients that make pitchers truly Filthy.  Over 10 years of study and testing of amateur hitters and two years of intense study of major league at bats in a 4 million pitch database have led to some astonishing findings.  Hitters have an attention (an expectation of what pitch they are prepared for) that can be measured, tracked, predicted and even thrown around.  Through the study of time based statistics or the statistics that are directly related to how well timed the hitter is to the pitch, we can show you how major league hitters’ statistics are dramatically affected when pitchers throw pitch sequences that take advantage of the optimum Effective Velocities and locations.  Downright Filthy Pitching is not about statistics, even though they are used to prove the theories.  This work is designed to show you how to make statistics.  In the pitcher/hitter confrontation, whoever controls time, wins.  It really is that simple.  Time is at work against you or for you all the time, do you know how well you use time?

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