Coaches Catcher Protector

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  • Coaches Catcher Protector
  • Coaches Catcher Protector
  • Coaches Catcher Protector


The Catcher Protector is excellent for coaches and players of all ages. Constructed of durable plastic, the Catcher Protector keeps the groin area safe during practice. Designed to fit safely on any bucket, the Catcher Protector is comfortable and helps keep your "knees at ease" as you catch.

This versatile seat (fits on benches too) is made to keep you comfortable for hours close to the ground, while also allowing you to swivel to catch the stray pitch. It also makes the best seat in the dugout for coaches! Try one today.

Catcher Protector Features:

  • Durable Plastic
  • Protects "Important" Areas
  • Fits on Any Bucket
  • Keeps you comfortable and close to the ground


"The Catcher Protector is an outstanding idea for Dad's to use when catching their daughter. I usually bring in catchers that are males to catch and this would be ideal for them to use. Please send me 4 more of them. Thanks!"
Mike Candrea - Head Coach of the University of Arizona Softball, 8 Time National Champion, 2 time US Olympic Head Coach

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5 Reviews

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    MUST HAVE! Game Changer for Coaches!

    Posted by Melissa R. on 05/05/16

    We spend a ton of time fielding pitches from our 2 daughters and this is a lifesaver!!! It's super comfortable and 'protective' and allows me to swivel when needed to catch wild pitches. Anyone who's coaching softball or baseball players MUST get one of these!

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    Dad Catcher Seat

    Posted by Laura D. on 01/20/16

    Very good purchase!!! Works great!

  • 5
    Great Product!

    Posted by Unknown on 04/19/15

    Outstanding product! A must have for any coach. Sitting on a bucket can get very uncomfortable, but with a catcher protector you can sit for hours with no discomfort! I like the way it is made too big for the bucket so that it can swivel for easy catching. Thank goodness for the the added protection in front. I couldn't live without mine!

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    brilliant product!

    Posted by Unknown on 02/06/13

    This is one of those products that make you feel dumb for not having thought of it yourself. Simple but remarkable. Does everything as advertised. Saves your knees and more-important regions of your body from wild pitches. Much bigger than I expected it to be but fits well on a standard Home Depot bucket and enough sitting room for a bigger guy (I'm 240#).

  • 2
    TOO BIG doesn't fit your normal Ball Bucket

    Posted by AJ on 05/15/12

    This Bucket Protector is TOO BIG and it doesn't fit your normal Ball Bucket as stated, nor does it have any kind of clips to hold the unit on the Ball Bucket. Very poorly designed.

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