Brush Top Batting Tee


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The Brush Top Batting Tee makes hitting off a tee seem like you’re hitting a ball suspended in the air. The brush allows the bat to get cleanly through the ball at contact. It’s great for training slap hitters or teaching hitters to hit the bottom half of the ball for maximum backspin and it can accommodate both baseballs and softballs.

The Brush Top Batting Tee gives a clean swish through the ball and lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional rubber hitting tees! Extremely durable, the tubing for the Brush Top Batting Tee is molded from polyurethane (the same elastomer material used to make dimpled pitching machine balls). It's designed to withstand heavy team usage and high bat speeds and, the tee is as functional as it is rugged. A movable base allows you to quickly position the ball inside or outside and off the plate to properly represent various pitch locations and correct ball contact points.

Is the Brush Top Tee better than the traditional rubber tube tee that cost $19-25?

You bet it is! The polyurethane tubing used in the BTT will last 5 to 10 times longer than rubber tubing. But, that's not the only reason it is a better batting tee. Unlike a traditional tee, the Brush Top Batting Tee is not connected to a home plate. So, you can set up on the plate as you would in a game situation and position the ball off the plate to realistically represent various pitch locations. With the round movable base, you can quickly position the ball out in front of the plate to simulate the proper contact point for the inside pitch, position the ball slightly off the plate to practice 2 strike hitting or place the ball well outside the strike zone to emulate hit and run situations. In addition to being rugged, the Brush Top Batting Tee is ultra-portable. It uses a hollow, canteen style base that is filled with sand or water (and sealed with a rubber plug). When full, the base provides weight for stability and, when empty, is light for easy storage and transportation.

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