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Strengthen your swing; use the BATBANGER™!

The BATBANGER™ Baseball Power Station builds batting power and muscle memory while helping improve grip, stance, stride, eye-line, bat angle and swing. The BATBANGER™ Power Station helps players put it all together to develop a quick, compact and powerful swing that generates ball-killing power, confidence, and most importantly - love of the game.

Training Tips

  1. Be Safe. Always use BATBANGER™ Power Station under adult supervision. Make sure you are clear for 15 feet from all obstacles, people and animals.
  2. Set-Up. Locate any strong pole, post or tree in an unobstructed area with favorable ground condition and ample room for bat swing. Use the easy to adjust ratcheting strap to secure the BATBANGER™ Power Station's Baseball Target at the exactly waist height.
  3. Warm-Up After a 3-5 minute batting stretch, swing gently at 1/3 power for 25 repetitions. Deliver level swings directly at the center of the Baseball Target while dialing-in your form and focusing your "mind's eye" on the target. Remember, "Perfect practice makes perfect."
  4. Ramp-Up. Maintain stance and form while gradually increasing batting force to 2/3 power over the next 25 repetitions. Take a 30 second rest breathing in through your nose and out your mouth 8 to 10 times before repeating or as need.
  5. Intensify The Power Intensify batting force to full power for 25 repetitions; including one arm swings with both the front and back hand.
  6. Repeat. For uniform physical development gradually introduce an opposite stance. Performing 1/2 of the above routine in the opposite stance ensures balanced physical development.
  7. Enjoy! Feel increased strength and confidence your next time at the plate!

The BATBANGER™ grew out of the early hitting stations Hondo Wilkes, "The State of Florida's 'Winningest' Coach" made from old tires tied to 4x4 posts set in concrete. He used those stations to strengthen his player's hands and arms and teach them how to put the core leg, torso and shoulder muscles, behind the ball. Those hitting stations produced great results, but today's players and coaches need training aids that are portable, easy to set up, and easy to take down. Enter the BATBANGER™ Power Station, the unique batting specific resistance trainer that goes anywhere and builds power.

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