Bat Jack Grip Trainer Hitting Aid

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The Bat Jack Grip Trainer Crystal Bustos Edition is used by professional baseball softball players. Gives an immediate consciousness of the barrel in the top hand, allowing the hitter to be in control of the entire bat. This aid increases bat speed and power within the swing.

Crystal Bustos is a Two time Olympic Gold Medalist, 2000 & 2004 and the 2008 Team USA Softball Player of the Year!

The Bat Jack Grip Trainer is one of the most powerful bat grip trainers available. This hitting aid was designed by former pro baseball player and current pro hitting coach Jim Rickon. Over the course of his career, Jim has seen an epidemic in poor grip alignment that leads to poor swing paths and frustrated hitters.

  • Maximizes bat control
  • Helps to develop proper slot positions in the swing
  • Fits both left and right handed batters
  • Fits on any bat size
  • Reduces the likelihood of bat flying out of the hands
  • For use in baseball and softball
  • Use it during soft toss, off the tee and during batting practice
  • Also ideal for one-handed drills to keep a strong and properly positioned grip
  • Great for players learning to switch hit - helps with proper grip on non-natural side
  • Legal for game use in fastpitch softball under ASA rule 3-1D
  • Proudly made in the USA

Jim came up with The Bat Jack to give hitters the feel of a grip that maximizes bat control and bat speed, while keeping the grip in contact with the actual bat handle. When a hitter places their index finger onto The Bat Jack, the hand alignment on the bat is drastically improved. The bottom three fingers of the top hand are more engaged, providing a stronger hitting position.

Training with The Bat Jack can also help correct other hitting problems. Many players have found that when using the Bat Jack, their path to the ball became shorter and more consistent with a better slot position. The grip feels more controlled and powerful, because The Bat Jack forces certain fingers and muscles in their hands to work more efficiently throughout the swing.

The Bat Jack Grip Trainer Testimonials

"I've used this grip since I was 14 years old. Now we have an unbelievably effective tool, The Bat Jack, that helps you find the right grip for more power. It's worked for me, now let it work for you!" - Crystl Bustos, Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, 2000 & 2004. World Record Holder for Home Runs in an Olympic Series. 2008 Team USA Softball Player of the Year

"I have been testing The Bat Jack during hitting lessons and used it with this team at our last tournament... The players could feel the difference and were excited about using the product. They were using it during the games and were hitting the ball harder. We set a team record of 17 hits in one of our games and the kids now all are excited about this product." -Dan Pike, Buckeye Heat Girls Fastpitch Softball Coach

"I really like how simple and easy The Bat Jack is to use. It gives the hitter an instant, natural feel of where his grip should be on his bat. I also love how it helps with slotting the back elbow in the stance and during the "lag" portion of the swing. Simple, straight forward, and it works. I like it!" - Bruce Fields, Former Major League Player, Detroit Tigers and Seattle Mariners. Current MLB Hitting Coach, Cleveland Indians

"I haven't seen a product like The Bat Jack anywhere. It's simple, comfortable and can be used in multiple ways to help your swing. I would recommend The Bat Jack to hitters of all ages." - Jared Goedert Current Professional Player, Cleveland Indians

"My son recently started using The Bat Jack hitting tool. Since using it his swing is much better. The Bat Jack has aided him in putting better and more consistent swings on the ball, allowing him to hit the ball with more pop. I would recommend this tool for any age level." - Bart Kayser. Evan Kayser's Proud Father

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