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Baseball SweetSpots highlight the sweet spot in the glove and help to reduce sting. They improve throwing accuracy by focusing a young player's eye contact on the glove and makes the strike zone more visible to pitchers. It also helps players block out distractions.

In every sport - fundamentals are the key to success and self-esteem! The concept of playing ball is really very simple; you throw the ball, you catch the ball, and you hit the ball. Perfect execution of these simple ideals is a different story altogether. While hitting and catching are important, the most important part of playing ball is the ability to accurately throw the ball to another player. Unfortunately all too many players, even at the high school level, are not consistent. Why? Most likely it is because their muscle memory was not properly trained from a young age. Their eyes, mind and body were not systematically programmed to work together to instinctively throw the ball accurately every single time.

Baseball Sweetspots are a unique product that was uniquely discovered and now working to improve the necessary muscle memory needed for accurate pitching and throwing skills in younger players. The innovative Sweetspot patch adheres to the "pocket" or "sweet spot" of the glove, enabling the eyes, mind and muscles to work together to instinctively hit the target every time. Its goal is to assist young athletes to focus better on the baseball glove. Coaches of youth ball deal with a very common issue; that of kids struggling to find a focal point on where to throw the ball. Baseball Sweetspots eliminates this confusion and trains the eyes, mind and muscles to develop throwing memory. This memory stays with the child as they grow and is drawn upon as they grow into more advanced ball players.

Two Sweetspots come in each package.

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