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Coaching Products

Our coaching equipment will help baseball coaches from little league to the pros train players the right way. These are some of the most sought after coaching products including fungos & soft hands trainers. Our Hit Trainer is one of the hottest items on the market, allowing coaches to pinpoint the ball and develop a player's swing. We also have several coaching videos to help educate and develop good coaches.

"Managing is like holding a dove in your hand. Squeeze to hard and you kill it; not hard enough and it flies away." - Tommy Lasorda

  • Coaches Catcher Protector
    $29.95 Coaches Catcher Protector
    The Catcher Protector is excellent for coaches and players of all ages. Constructed of durable plastic, the Catcher Protector keeps the groin area safe during practice. Designed to fit safely on any bucket, the Catcher...
  • Pitch Location Mat in Rubber
    $34.95 Pitch Location Mat-Rubber
    The Pitch Location Mat shows proper contact points and the direction to drive pitches that are inside, outside or down the middle. Inside and outside contact points are marked for both right and left handed hitters. The...
  • ThrowMax
    $49.95 ThrowMax
    How many times have you had to tell your players: "GET YOUR ELBOW UP WHEN YOU THROW!!!" Players learn by seeing hearing and feeling. If they cannot have all of those factors working for them it's very difficult to understand...
  • Softhands Birmingham Pro Model Infield Trainer In Use
    $19.95 Softhands Birmingham Pro Model Infield Trainer
    Learn to field groundballs the right way! The Softhands Infield Trainer teaches baseball players the art of fielding ground balls. Learn to use two hands properly, proper footwork, and various methods of turning a double...
  • Pro Baseball Ball Cart Full
    $168.95 Pro Baseball Ball Cart
    Comparable ball carts can cost over $300 - don't waste your money! A good baseball bin will make practice more efficient and save your coach's back. The Pro Baseball Ball Cart by Muhl holds up to 300 baseballs or 175...
  • Jugs Back-Saver Portable Ball Basket Full
    $60.00 $59.95 Jugs Back-Saver Portable Ball Basket
    Perfect for holding balls during batting practice, the Jugs® Back-Saver™ Portable Ball Basket eliminates having to constantly bend over when pitching. This ball basket holds up to 100 baseballs or 60 softballs...
  • ISO Bat 1 Hand trainer
    $39.95 ISO Bat 1 Hand trainer
    The ISO Bat™ is great for one-arm isolation training. Made of bamboo, it is extremely durable and will withstand heavy usage. 21"long and 20oz.
  • Two Hands Trainer Leather Training Glove
    $34.95 Two Hands Trainer Leather Training Glove
    The Two Hands Trainer Leather Training Glove teaches baseball fielding fundamentals for infielders. This flat leather training glove will not bend and the pocket-less design will not repel the ball...
  • Akadema Pancake Glove APG97
    $42.95 Akadema Pancake Glove APG97
    The Akadema Pancake Glove APG97 is perfect for developing good fielding mechanics and is used by many pro infield instructors. With a 31" circumference pattern the "Pancake" Glove was designed for the serious infielder who...
  • Weighted Agility Gloves
    $49.95 Weighted Agility Gloves
    A revolutionary training aid, allows for high velocity training during sports specific movements. Weights are built into the lining of each finger and thumb.- Hit more home runs - Catch the tough grounder - Throw the heat -...
  • Baseball Crate Mate Loaded with 3 Crates of Baseballs
    $108.95 Baseball Crate Mate
    A simple solution for a back-breaking problem! Don't haul crates of balls on and off the field any longer. The baseball Crate Mate by Muhl is designed to carry baseballs or softballs in standard square milk crates. The...
  • 58" Softball Target Swing Trainer
    $58.95 58" Softball Target Swing Trainer
    The 58" Softball Target Swing Trainer is a great one-on-one coaching tool. Both the batter and coach can instantly tell if the hit was a grounder, line drive, or fly ball. Can be used in multiple positions for...
  • Practice Glove
    $49.95 Practice Glove
    Teaches fundamentals of fielding the ball properly. Promotes two-handed play by forcing the athlete to be centered on the ball. Helps provide a quick transition from catching to throwing. 9" leather glove doesn't bend,...
  • Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine
    $229.99 Louisville Slugger Ultimate Pitching Machine
    Throws any kind of ball. Adjustable speeds up to 45 mph. It's light weight (only 25 lbs.), portable and compact. "Throws the perfect pitch every time." The greatest thing about this product is ... NO electricity required!...