Arm Strong Complete Pitching and Throwing Trainer

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  • Arm Strong Complete Pitching and Throwing Trainer
  • Arm Strong Complete Pitching and Throwing Trainer
  • Arm Strong Complete Pitching and Throwing Trainer
  • Arm Strong Complete Pitching and Throwing Trainer

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Every player wants to throw harder with more accuracy, while protecting their arm.  Now they can! 

Since 1996, the ARM STRONG has been strengthening and protecting the arms of baseball players. Many coaches and parents give credit to the ARM STRONG for the increased velocity and arm health of their players.  Dr. Phil Donley, an inductee to the N.A.T.A. (National Athletic Trainers Association) Hall of Fame says “the ARM STRONG is the best conditioning and reconditioning device for shoulders of throwers in the past 40 years.”

Throw Faster. Gain Accuracy. Reduce Injuries.

  • Patented Rotating Ball for Realistic Training and Superior Comfort
  • 3 Bands/7 Resistance Levels to Increase with Player
  • Attachments for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 6 Easy Exercises Included, Videos Online
  • For Players at Every Level, from Little League to the Pros

ARM STRONG Trainer Instruction Manual

Arm Strong Trainer Instruction Manual

Parent testimonials

Every parent wants what is best for their child. In baseball, it's first to be safe and second to perform at their peak level. The ARM STRONG is the top arm training product that both strengthens and protects the throwing arm and associated rotator cuff muscles. The ARM STRONG is recommended for players from 10 years and up. Here's a sample of comments from parents…

"Thank you for developing the ARM STRONG Mechanics and Strength Trainer. I purchased one over three years ago for my then eleven year old son. I strongly believe the ARM STRONG is a contributing factor in his success as a standout pitcher. I have enclosed a recent newspaper article about one of my son's game where he struck out 17 batters. Hope you enjoy reading this article knowing the ARM STRONG contributed to my son's success." - Scott McCoy

"My thirteen-year-old son purchased the Arm Strong Pitching and Throwing Trainer with his own money in December. Living in Michigan, he does not have the benefit of tossing a baseball outdoors during the winter months. He absolutely loves it and uses it every day. He has tried similar products and this is by far his most preferred. He is looking forward to the spring knowing his arm will be stronger due to the winter training with the Arm Strong Pitching and Throwing Trainer." - A Michigan Baseball Dad

Coach testimonials

As a former coach, we strive to get the best of each player and provide them every opportunity to succeed. The ARM STRONG Pitching and Throwing trainer will increase a player's throwing velocity and improve accuracy. It can be used as a station at practice or set up in the bullpen to warm up before pitching/playing. Here's a sample of comments from coaches…

"I'm writing this letter to document my experience and history with your fine product. A test group consisted of four thirteen year old boys who all had above average arm speed (initial range 60-65 mph). They performed the ARM STRONG workout three days a week for six weeks, after which I measured their arm speed again. Their respective arm speed increased 3 to 5 miles per hour (range: 63 to 70 mph). Although hardly a rigorous scientific study, the results certainly convinced me to include the ARM STRONG station as part of our ongoing workout routine." - Robert L. Care, Play Ball! Baseball Training Center

"Every Pinkman Baseball Academy student uses the Arm Strong trainer before ever throwing a pitch. The Arm Strong has consistently changed the lives of our students making them stronger and more ready to compete. We recommend that every student purchase the Arm Strong trainer to prevent injuries and help stay out of the doctor's office. It's been great using the trainer both in and outdoors; before practices and games; and in the pre-season, during the season, and in the off-season. It's unfortunate when a player comes in to see us with arm pain, but it's a great feeling knowing that the Arm Strong trainer will absolutely help in their rehab and help prevent injuries in the future." - Jeff Pinkman, Pinkman Baseball Owner

Player testimonials

As a former collegiate player, I looked to find an edge over other players to get that starting position. The ARM STRONG can be that edge by increasing your velocity, gaining accuracy, and protecting the arm and rotator cuff muscles. Maximize your opportunity, invest in an ARM STRONG. Here's a sample of comments from players…

"This was my first year using the ARM STRONG. I had my best year in 5 years, and most of the credit goes to the ARM STRONG. This year I threw harder and for more innings and believe the ARM STRONG prevented me from getting my annual shoulder tendonitis. Every player should have one." - Dave Levan, Semi-Pro Player

Trainer testimonials

Every trainer knows the importance of a good baseball off-season and in-season training program including tubing work. The ARM STRONG Pitching and Throwing Trainer is the premiere tubing product. The Patented Rotating Ball provides freedom to the hand and wrist. Competitor ball-on-a-band products cause tube rub and put the wrist in a state of co-contraction (locked) which is an unnatural motion and could cause tendonitis or inflammation. The ARM STRONG provides 3 Bands / 7 Resistance Levels to perform various exercises for the arm and rotator cuff. The ARM STRONG is the ideal product to strengthen the healthy arm and rehab the hurting arm. Here's a sample of comments from trainers…

"The ARM STRONG is the best conditioning and reconditioning device for shoulders of throwers in the past 40 years. The key to its success if the unique "Rotating Ball" handframe which provides the hand and wrist with freedom of motion." - Phil Donley, MS, PT, ATC, NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association) Hall of Fame

"Simply the best tool on the market for strengthening and educating a thrower at any and every level. I work with many top athletes and the ARM STRONG is an essential part of my program." - Chris Verna, Flexibility Expert, ATC

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