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Introducing one of the best Baseball Training Aids on the market - The Zingbat®! The Zingbat® provides an immediate feel of the right way to swing a baseball bat.

The primary objective of the Zingbat® is to teach hitters to stay inside the ball, which makes for a quicker swing with better mechanics. This training bat will help the batter learn the correct techniques to develop a good swing. Staying inside the ball makes the batter quicker, which in turn allows more time to see the pitch before swinging, and then to swing with more power.

There are two parts to the Zingbat® training system. First is the "how should it feel" repetitions. Then the "see and hear" follow up drills. In other words, the youth player can experience how it’s supposed to feel and then sees and hears the results of doing it right. The first drill sets up the proper arm and body movements. Then the youth batter uses muscle memory to repeat the learned swing mechanics. Three or four Zingbat® drills per week and your child can dramatically improve their hitting skills!

The Grip

The hands are the only part of the body that make contact with the bat. Therefore, a good position of the hands on the bat is essential to good hitting. The bat should be held in the fingers loosely with the middle knuckles closely aligned with one another. Remember, loose muscles are quick muscles. Keep the grip out of the palms; this will slow you down. The ZingBat® allows you to get a lot of work on finding the best grip for you and to increase your bat speed.

Training Manual and Instruction Video Included!! (Video sent separately via USPS mail)

Remember that repetition and muscle memory is primary to learning. Therefore, we feel that the minimum usage of the Zingbat® would be a 10-10-10 series of swings. Any increase in the repetition cycles will be to the advantage of the batter.

Zingbat® Dry Swing Bat Size Recommendations: Youth: 23oz. | Beginners: 27 oz. | Intermediate: 30 oz. | Advanced: 33 oz.

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