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The all new XLR8 Speed Glove is the finest, most performance enhancing batting glove ever built. More flexibility means greater bat speed, and the XLR8 Speed Gloves flex like nobody's business!

Excess material, bunching and poorly cut patterns of cheap batting gloves can ruin your hands and your swing. That's why XLR8 Speed Gloves feature an ergonomic pattern, reinforced panels and a snug fit. There's also a lightly padded area at the base of the palm to reduce vibration and blisters. The grip enhancing silicone pads on the fingers keep your hands stuck to the bat, increasing bat control.

MLB players encouraged us to extend the grip material down to the base of the index finger, citing increased torque and Bat Speed! We incorporated this feedback immediately, but we didn't stop there when we looked for bat speed. Take a look at any glove on the market. Almost all have a big, bulky strap across the wrist. Your wrist, my friend, is a key component to bat speed; don’t restrict it! We cut away the wrist on our batting gloves to make them ultra comfortable and very flexible. Next, we took the big, huge Velcro strap and reduced it then moved it to the side so as not to impair wrist movement. What you get is a batting glove that not only looks good but assists in producing greater bat speed by virtue of its design.

batting-gloves-xlr8-red-fist.jpgBatting Glove Features:

  • Ultra span mesh flexibility
  • Sweat absorbing cuff
  • Full freedom flex points
  • Spandura and ultra span mesh chassis components for durability
  • Oversized airprene knuckle flex panel for unrestricted flex
  • Rubberized finger interface for increased bat control
  • A versatile batting glove

The all new XLR8 Speed Glove is a great all around glove. Designed with a super comfortable airprene backhand and super-stretch finger panels, these gloves redefines what comfort is all about. The asymmetrical cuff provides just the right amount of coverage without hindering motion, and the lightly padded palm provides a secure grip. You won't find these gloves turning crusty, cracking and falling apart after a few short weeks. This innovative design concept is built to last game after game for an entire season or more. The all new side wrist closure does not hinder wrist movement like most gloves on the market. This freedom of movement contributes to greater bat speed... which is what XLR8 (accelerate) gloves are all about! Try a pair and compare.

XLR8 Your Game! Use our XLR8 Speed Batting Gloves!

  • A must for cold weather climates
  • Available in Adult Sizes in Red, White, Blue and Gray.
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