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Pitching Targets

Our Pitching Targets have been used at every level in baseball from Little League to MLB. By learning proper pitching mechanics through pitch location feedback, you can take your game to the next level! We carry only the best quality pitching targets so that you can practice consistently, year in and year out. Some targets are simple batting cage backdrops while others are portable units that you can take to the field. We also carry throwing rebounders and pitchbacks for high repetition pitching practice.

  • Zone-In Pitching Target
    $219.99 $189.95 Zone-In Pitching Target
    We will NOT be undersold on SwingAway items Find a lower advertised price and we will BEAT IT BY 10%! The Zone-In Pitching Target allows any pitcher, regardless of skill level, to work on and improve pitch location. Great...
  • Batting Cage Backstop 4x6 Heavy Duty Vinyl
    $59.00 Batting Cage Backstop 4x6 Heavy Duty Vinyl
    Extend the life of your batting cage with this easy to install vinyl backstop. The Cimarron 4'x6' Heavy Duty Vinyl Backstop absorbs the hardest pitched baseballs. This is a great economical way to save your batting cage...
  • Muhl Tech Pitchers Target
    $129.95 Muhl Tech Pitchers Target
    Learn to pitch like a pro with our pitching aid strike zone isolator. A new twist in pitching zone isolation. Our pitching aid target has a Velcro pocket blocker that can be used to isolate any corner of the pitching target...
  • Batting Cage Backdrop - Jugs
    $150.00 $149.95 Batting Cage Backdrop - Jugs
    Prolong your batting cage net's life with this JUGS Batting Cage Backdrop and Pitcher's Target. This backdrop extends the life of your batting cage by protecting the rear section of your net. IT is also an excellent...
  • Batting Cage Backstop 4x6 Vinyl with 2-Sport Catcher
    $79.00 Batting Cage Backstop 4x6 Vinyl with 2-Sport Catcher
    Develop throwing accuracy and save your batting cage net. The Cimarron 2-Sport Heavy Duty Vinyl Backstop attaches easily to a batting cage and serves as a pitching target trainer. Heavy duty vinyl coated nylon canvas...
  • Designated Hitter Pitching Aid
    $329.00 $299.95 Designated Hitter Pitching Aid
    Practice throwing inside pitches safely! The Designated Hitter Pitching Aid simulates a hitter in the batter's box so you can throw "chin music" without the fear of hitting your teammate.  Designated Hitter...
  • 3D Pro Pitching Target by Muhl Side
    $169.95 3D Pro Pitching Target by Muhl
    A large 6 ft. x 6ft. pitching target and with a new twist... Now you can pitch to an actual batter! The 3D Pro Pitching Target has a "canvas" batter that extends 28" in front of the main target giving pitchers a more...