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Muhl Balls™ help teach hitters to drive through ball contact and encourages strong hip rotation. They help develop strength in the wrist and forearms which is crucial for hitting the ball with authority. Each Muhl Ball™ weighs 1 pound and is 20". By comparison, volleyballs are 27". They force hitters to be more precise with contact than old deflated basketballs or volleyballs. Muhl Balls are tough, yet spongy!

Each ball is made by hand to precise specifications. The poly coating is an extremely tear-resistant elastomer, the same material used in pitching machine balls. Muhl Balls™ also absorb bat impact extremely well, reducing bat recoil often associated with inflatable balls. Muhl Balls can be used with wood bats, aluminum bats or even a Muhl Training Bat.

You are buying a 3-pack of Muhl Balls!

Develop hitting power! The Muhl Balls teach hitters to be strong through contact and encourages strong hip rotation. Muhl Balls weigh 1 lb. and are 20" circumference balls made of light foam and coated with flexible polyurethane. By comparison, a volleyball is 27" in circumference. Muhl Balls absorb bat impact without recoil and force hitters to be more precise with contact.
Muhl Balls are the best power training option for baseball and softball when it comes to portability. The 1 pound per ball weight and their size allows the Muhl Balls to easily fit into most equipment and duffle bags. Hitters on all levels want to hit the ball with more power, but power training on the go isn't always a realistic option because of space and time. Well the Muhl Balls are the solution to both of those problems. Designed to build strength in the forearms and wrists the Muhl Balls have proven to increase "ball exit speed" and encourages hitters to enforce strong hip rotation, a major key to hitting with power and authority.
Bat recoil is one element of hitting that is often overlooked. When the bat makes contact with a pitched ball, the bat flexes, along with some recoil allowed in the hands. The flex of the bat is something that cannot be controlled or eliminated, however the recoil in the hands can be. The weaker the hands and forearms are, the more recoil or "give" there is, translating into a weak or "mushy" hit. Increase the strength in the forearms and wrists and naturally the recoil will be reduced, translating into more powerful hits. That's what the Muhl Balls will help you accomplish. Build strength and hit harder!


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