Total Training Program for Catchers DVD

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with Mark Viramontes, University of San Diego Catching Coach Finally -a comprehensive total training DVD for catchers! Coach Viramontes begins this excellent DVD with throwing from the knees with an emphasis on getting the ball out of the glove. From the loaded position, players are taught to keep the elbow above the shoulder and incorporate the entire body in the throw. Transferring is the key to the full-speed exchange and throw technique. From the catcher's crouch, Viramontes teaches ball-glove technique, exchanges and pulling the ball out of the glove. When teaching the crouch, Viramontes says the majority of weight should be on the front two-thirds of the feet. Another key is the ability to position the body to catch any kind of pitch. The set up is a fundamental aspect of successful catching and Viramontes covers all of the important elements. Keeping the ball "one step away" is a term used for blocking the pitch. When blocking, players are taught to "see the back of the ball." Teaching points for pop-ups and bunts are also covered, including efficient footwork. A great resource for catchers at all levels! 63 minutes. 2007.
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