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Pitching Videos

  • Youth League - Pitching DVD
    $35.00 Youth League - Pitching DVD
    BADEN SPORTS in conjunction with MLB Scouts has developed this revolutionary system! It is vital for young pitchers to learn correct fundamentals so they are not only successful, but avoid injury as well. Learn step-by-step...
  • Pitching: Mechanical Drills DVD
    $35.00 $29.99 Pitching: Mechanical Drills DVD
    In this video, every aspect of the pitchers' mechanics are broken down from the wind-up and stretch position. The pitcher that works on his mechanical drills is the pitcher that will break existing bad habits and develop...
  • Pitching: Basics & Fundamentals DVD
    $35.00 $29.99 Pitching: Basics & Fundamentals DVD
    This video demonstrates drills for developing many different kinds of pitches including change-ups, sinkers, fast balls, curve balls, and more. Also learn pick-off moves and proper ball handling technique! More than 30...
  • Pitching: Game Day Routine DVD
    $35.00 $29.99 Pitching: Game Day Routine DVD
    Proper warm-ups are crucial for preventing injury and fatigue during the game. This video will demonstrate 24 proper stretches, 10 techniques to increase concentration and focus, and pre-game activities that will boost...