Pitching Mechanics, Drills and Troubleshooting DVD

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with Brandon Hall, University of NC-Charlotte Pitching Coach The UNCC pitching staff was named the #1 staff in all of college baseball in 2007. Their cutting-edge expertise is packed into this DVD on the art of pitching. Coach Hall, on the mound, demonstrates the technique of using the rubber, taking signs, rocker step, rocker to balance 3-point movement, balance to power and power to delivery. Pitching out of the stretch is a skill taught in detail. Hall believes in three goals in the set-up; create a downhill plane, maximize velocity and put pitchers in the position to allow them to do the same thing every day. To relieve pressure on the arm, Hall instructs through dry drills. This keeps pitchers sharp without throwing every day. With the ball, a good drill is the hand extension and spin drill. Kneeling drills put pitchers on a knee to emphasize power and finish. Other drills include the square drill, stretch stride and stretch stride to balance. The 60-foot and 90-foot toss drill focuses on footwork and throwing. This drill works out to the player's maximum distance. Crow hop, arm action, and grips complete the drill catalog. 59 minutes. 2008.
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