Outfield Drills DVD

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with Rick Jones, Tulane University Head Coach; 2005 National Coach of the Year Coach Jones covers essential drills for successful outfield play. Ground ball drills reinforce proper technique for catching balls hit to the left, to the right, or directly at an outfielder. Drills also cover catch-and-throw techniques for throwing out a base runner during early innings and when the winning run is attempting to score. Fly ball drills include: catches and throws with no one on base, catches and throws when a runner is attempting to advance or score, moving in on fly balls, moving back on fly balls (glove and back-hand), fence drills, and "fighting the sun" drills. Also included are lay-out drills for diving to catch fly balls. Communication drills cover outfield/infield priority and assignment on shorty fly balls and long pop flies. Cut-off and relay drills reinforce proper throws to infielders. 1999. 49 minutes. I
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