Indoor Hitting Drills DVD

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with Scott Stricklin, Kent State University Head Coach This excellent DVD is dedicated to hitting and all of the important fundamentals needed to consistently drive the ball. A player's stance and set up is the foundation of a good hitter. Coach Stricklin and his players demonstrate how the feet are a big part of the stance. A good bat grip consists of proper knuckle and elbow alignment, which allows you to "whip" the bat through the strike zone. A proper stance will require the bat be at a 45-degree angle. A level head will assure that your eyes are also level. The stride follows a good stance. Loading up the backside prepares a hitter for the pitch and is an important aspect of hitting. A good swing relies on the arms staying compact until contact is made, then hitters extend their arms through the hitting zone. Four things must be present for good hitters: head, back, back side and balance. Stricklin believes in the concept of "staying inside the baseball." This means you are short to the baseball and hitting the ball where it's pitched. The first set of drills demonstrates hitting off of a tee. The double tee drill produces two types of hits from two identical swings. To work on the timing mechanism, the soft toss drill gives players lots of hitting opportunities. Other hitting drills include the behind toss, angle toss and front toss. The bounce drill simulates pitches by bouncing the ball off the ground. Moving to the batting cage, players can practice simulated rounds of batting practice. Rounds will develop hitting from different situations such as bunting, hit and run, runner at second with no outs, runner at third base with the infield in, swing away and more. These drills will teach fundamentals and improve productivity and consistency at the plate. 51 minutes 2006
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