How to Throw Strikes DVD

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with Frank Anderson, Head Coach Oklahoma State University; former Pitching Coach University of Texas, 2002 College World Series Champions! Ranked 1st in the Big 12 and Top 5 Nationally in ERA for the 2000 and '01 seasons Coach Anderson demonstrates a systematic progression of drills that will help your pitchers identify and correct mechanical errors. This 11 step process incorporates proper grip, stance, rocker step, leg lift, balance, stride, arm action, head and shoulder movement, backside movement, release, follow through, and square-up. This progression can help any pitcher improve his accuracy and velocity. Anderson includes three drills that will help coaches determine the best "arm slot" for their pitchers. He also shares a four-drill progression for building muscle memory and a drill to help loosen up your "short-arm" pitchers. 38 minutes. 2002.
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