Hitting 101 DVD

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with Linda Wells, Arizona State University Head Softball Coach, 2004 Head Olympic Coach -Greek National Team Learn proper hitting mechanics, principles, drills, and tips from one of the best hitting instructors in softball. In this DVD, Coach Wells gives comprehensive and detailed instruction on becoming a successful hitter. To teach the concepts effectively, Coach Wells takes a hitter through all stages of physical and mental preparation and execution beginning in the on-deck circle and ending with a full swing. Wells breaks down all of the mechanics of the swing in a step-by-step progression, including stance, box positioning, load and stride, hand and head position, the full swing, contact points, and follow-through. She also discusses hitting various pitches such as the curveball, screwball, riseball, dropball, and change-up, as well as situational hitting. Coach Wells then shares over 15 drills and tips to develop and master the proper swing mechanics and principles to become a consistent, successful hitter at any level of the game! 33 minutes. 2005.

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