Game Situation Drills for Baseball Practice DVD

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with Mark Brew, Lee University Head Coach; 2008 NAIA National Runner-up, 2008 NAIA National Coach of the Year Coach Brew reveals how to get the most out of your team and staff through drills and practice planning. Brew's high intensity, pre-practice warm-ups will improve the conditioning, coordination, footwork and agility of your team with an assortment of ladder, hurdle and medicine ball drills. His athletes demonstrate form running and base running calisthenics that simulate game-like situations and will improve a runner's conditioning and decision-making. Brew's team offensive and defensive drill series covers more than 30 different situations including double plays, bunts, pitcher fielding practice, base running and more. Brew's drill series will have all of your players involved and prepared for any situation. Brew also includes a printable outline for a defensive series drill that you can use to design your practice. 52 minutes. 2009.
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