Game Face Softball Safety Mask - Large

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Promote your confidence with secure and complete facial protection without sacrificing comfort or visibility. The Game Face Softball Safety Mask will proactively reduce chances of facial/dental injuries. The mask is made from polycarbonate (the same as bullet-proof glass), which makes the mask ultra-lightweight but extremely strong. The mask's unique honeycomb design gives the strike bar superior strength. The Game Face reduces chances of facial, jaw and dental injuries.

The Ponytail Harness makes it easier for athletes to play and perform in comfort. Straps are completely adjustable allowing for a fully customized fit. Can help aid injured players return to play quicker by providing protection of the injury during recovery. The Game Face has been providing athletes a safer way to play since 1999. Simply the best facial protection for field sports.

Great for Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Girls Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Flag Football, Roller Hockey and more.

  • Great for fastpitch softball and other sports
  • Ultra-lightweight and extremely durable polycarbonate construction
  • Ventilated, open design delivers cooling and heightens visibility
  • High-impact, adjustable foam pads provide maximum comfort and protection
  • Ponytail straps of various color options
  • Size: large (head sizes 22" and larger)
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