Drills for Fielding Groundballs DVD

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with Jack Leggett, Clemson University Head Coach Coach Jack Leggett brings over 25 years of coaching winning baseball to this video on the important fundamentals of infield play and drills to teach them. Leggett begins with the stance and the keys to creating the proper body angle to successfully field groundballs. He then teaches how to field balls hit directly at the fielder and then to the glove and backhand side. He also shows two ways to field slow rollers. In addition, Leggett demonstrates common fielding flaws and the measures to take to correct them. Some of the flaws include not fielding the ball out in front, problems with creating the proper body angle, flipping the glove over, not staying down on the ball and more. A terrific tape for players and coaches at any level! 54 minutes. 2003.
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