3-Step Approach for the Complete Infielder DVD

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with Bo Durkac, University of North Carolina-Charlotte Assistant Coach Excellent infield players progressively learn the skills needed in the infield one at a time. Many different skills and techniques combine to make up a total player. Coach Durkac breaks down his fielding instruction into three areas: get to the ball as quickly as possible, catch and secure the ball, and throw the ball. First step quickness is the key to solid fielding. To achieve that skill, Durkac teaches proper touchdown technique, which is the point where both feet make contact with the ground to field the ball. He also shows drop step technique that helps players handle all three types of hoppers. The two quick shuffles technique is taught as an approach skill prior to fielding the ball. Three throws are used when making double plays, and are demonstrated in this presentation. The rake and making plays with your feet are additional skills demonstrated. 81 minutes. 2008.
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