150 Baseball Drills, Games and Activities for Kids DVD

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Worcester State College Head Coach; over 200 career victories Get ready for the ultimate guide for innovative, fun and competitive games for baseball players. In this 3-DVD set, Coach Baker present over seven hours worth of drills, games and activities from his book, Baseball Drills for Young People. Designed to help players develop their skills in every area of the game, most of these drills and games can be adapted for players of any age and skill level. Baker shares dozens of activities covering warm-ups, base running, bunting, catching, fielding, hitting, pitching and more. He even covers a variety of activities to use during rain delays at the game. In this 3-DVD set, Baker uses real baseball players to show you nearly 150 games and drills. Develop technique, encourage friendly competition among teammates and get players to interact with each other and their coaches, all while having fun and learning the game of baseball. These activities can be modified for indoor practice, and can be used at camps, clinics, practices, pre-game warm-up and PE classes. 7 hours 14 minutes 2008.

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